Are sea cucumbers poisonous main photo
Are sea cucumbers poisonous main photo

Are sea cucumbers poisonous? Sea cucumber is a precious nourishing food, and some have medicinal value.

However, there are a small number of sea cucumber containing toxic substances, which can cause poisoning after eating.

Are sea cucumbers poisonous?

Sea cucumbers are poisonous. It has strong hemolysis. known as holothurin. This is concentrated in the so-called Cuvierian tubules, threadlike appendages at the end of the gut.

After the sea cucumber toxoid is hydrolyzed, sea-toxoidetic anhydride can be produced. The spectral analysis found that sea-chinexicide is a trihydroxy lactide diene belonging to a terpene.

In addition, the mucus that is discharged from the sea-cucumber digestive tract can also cause poisoning, often as partial symptoms, that is, partially burning pain, redness, peel inflammatory response; when the poison is in contact with the eye, it can cause blindness.

There are more than 30 kinds of poisonous in sea cucumber, which is very small poisonous in the sea cucumber, even if they eat a small amount of toxin, it can be hydrolyzed into non-toxic products, so eating sea cucumber is safe.

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