Can you eat a sea cucumber main pthoto
Can you eat a sea cucumber main pthoto
Can you eat a sea cucumber
Can you eat a sea cucumber

Can you eat a sea cucumber? Sea cucumber is diverse, pay attention to not eating at the same time, because the sea cucumber is high in protein, whether it is a fresh sea cucumber or a dry sea cucumber, it is not easy to digest, so it is recommended that children and the elderly eat sea centers.

It should be slightly better than the sea cucumber; fresh sea cucumber should not be directly edible, because fresh sea cucumber contains a large number of sub-preservative bacteria, this bacterial heat resistance is strong, 80 degrees or more to kill, no matter how soaking the processing with white wine, vinegar, soy sauce, etc., can not completely kill its bacteria, so it is not recommended to eat or eat fresh sea cucumber.

Dry sea cucumber participation system is the best feeding method because several productions are warmed, can completely kill all bacteria.

We recommend you can eat dry sea cucumber. The sea cucumber after the soak can be steamed, salad, made into soup, be a porridge, which is the most nutritious method for sea cucumber.

Dry sea cucumber recommend

Can you eat a sea cucumber?-The most nutritious sea cucumber recipe

Sea cucumber recipes Chinese style step6

Sea cucumber porridge

  • Put the rice porridge, then put the chopped sea cucumber, add a small amount of salt and sugar, the right amount of ginger, and then take a pan after 5 minutes.
  • Sea cucumber has retained the nutrients of sea cucumber, and ginger is added to the role of the warm stomach. This kind of eating is more suitable for the elderly who usually eat sea cucumber, not only nutrient absorption, but also the taste is relatively soft, and it will not hurt the stomach.
  • For the old people’s weakness, the postpartum, that is well.

Sea cucumber recipe Chinese new year step10

Sea cucumber steamed egg

  • Steamed the sea cucumber to the steamed eggs in the mixed egg, with a good nourishing yin and nourishing effect.
  • And the operation is very simple, it is very easy to get started.


Salad sea cucumber

  • boiled sea cucumber to wash, cut into a segment, add the appropriate amount of salt, sugar, vinegar, garlic, and cucumber to mix well.
  • taste: light cool, soft and tender, delicious.

Chinese sea cucumber soup recipe

Sea cucumber soup

  • Use the sea cucumber in Chicken breast, magnolia, shrimp skin soup.
  • For the ideal tonic of middle-aged and elderly people.
  • Winter is cold, you have to drink soup, only have a few kinds of ingredients are very delicious, it is really very good, it is worth a try!

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