Chinese sea cucumber recipe
Chinese sea cucumber recipe

Chinese sea cucumber recipe: For people with insomnia, frailty, and dizziness, it is especially suitable for the Chinese sea cucumber recipe. If you eat one sea cucumber every morning, take it for 20 days, and the dizziness symptoms can be alleviated.

Chinese sea cucumber recipe of ingredients

Sea cucumber:2pcsCrystal sugar:1 tablespoon
Sesame oil:1 tablespoon

Chinese sea cucumber recipe

Chinese sea cucumber recipe step1

Step 1

Pour the sea cucumber soup from the sea cucumber into a small soup pot and simmer for 30 minutes on medium and low heat. Be careful, the sea cucumber after soaking is easy to boil, watch carefully.

Chinese sea cucumber recipe step2

Step 2

After the sea cucumber soup is boiled again, add crystal sugar, boil it again, and then turn it off.

Chinese sea cucumber recipe3

Step 3

Put it into a small soup bowl, pour in sesame oil, and replenish high-quality collagen in autumn and winter, especially for weak bodies and insomnia.

This method is especially effective.

Chinese sea cucumber recipe4

Step 4

In the dish.

Dry sea cucumber recommend

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