cooking sea cucumber recipe
cooking sea cucumber recipe

Cooking sea cucumber recipe: Wrap the sea cucumber and shrimp meat in the wonton, the taste will be extremely delicious.

Please follow the sea cucumber recipe step by step.

Cooking sea cucumber recipe of ingredients

Pork:500gGreen onion:2 piece
Ginger:2gShrimp meat:200g
Sea cucumber:1 pieceFive-spice powder:2g
Salt:2gOyster sauce :1 tablespoon
Soy sauce:1 tablespoonEgg:1 piece

Cooking sea cucumber recipe

Cooking sea cucumber recipe step1

Step 1

The meat is a little fat, minced into meat, chopped in green onion and ginger, and the shrimp’s line is removed, then washed for later use. I use the sea cucumbers after soaking well. Ready to put all into a large bowl.

Cooking sea cucumber recipe step2

Step 2

The shrimps are chopped into shrimp paste. I chop them with a knife. The taste will be better than the machine beat.

Chop sea cucumber, not too crushed, or you won’t be able to taste the sea cucumber.

Beat in an egg, add salt, five-spice powder, soy sauce, and oyster sauce. Stir vigorously with chopsticks in the same direction. Set aside.

Cooking sea cucumber recipe step3

Step 3

To wrap the wantan, put the meat and shrimp in the middle of the skin, fold it in half at the corner, then dip a bit of meat juice on both sides, squeeze it on the opposite corners, and then you can shape it and fold it into an ingot shape.

Cooking sea cucumber recipe step4

Step 4

Prepare a soup bowl, add chicken powder, salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, and sesame oil.

Add the broth. If there is no broth, let the water rinse off the condiments, and put the greens and mushrooms in a bowl.

Sit in a pot of hot water, put the wonton in boiling water, push the back of the spoon gently to prevent adhesion. Cook for 3 minutes, remove it and put it in the prepared soup.

Dry sea cucumber recommend

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