Dried sea cucumber recipe
Dried sea cucumber recipe

Dried sea cucumber recipe: Dry sea cucumber before soaking in advance. sea cucumber fried rice, it is very delicious. I also it is also very simple to operate it following steps as below, you can try at home.

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Dried sea cucumber recipe of ingredients

Rice:400gSea cucumber:150g
Carrot:100gGreen onion:10g
Sour cucumber:100g

Dried sea cucumber recipe

dried sea cucumber step1

Step 1

Prepare the ingredients for spare, rice to disperse with chopsticks in advance.

dried sea cucumber step2

Step 2

Finely chop green onions, cut carrots and pickles into small cubes, and sea cucumbers slice.

dried sea cucumber step3

Step 3

Pour cooking oil into the wok, add green onions and dried chilies to be fragrant. (If you don’t like spicy food, you can ignore it)

dried sea cucumber step4

Step 4

Pour the sea cucumber and stir fry.

dried sea cucumber step5

Step 5

Pour the carrots and stir fry.

dried sea cucumber step6

Step 6

Pour the pickled cucumbers and stir fry.

dried sea cucumber step7

Step 7

Pour in the rice, stir fry, sprinkle in a little salt, stir evenly, and then get out of the pot.

dried sea cucumber step8

Step 8

Pour into the dish.

Dried sea cucumber recommend

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