How Did Chumlee Lose Weight? If you’re wondering how did Chumlee lose weight, read this article. It will cover her diet and exercise regimen as well as the Gastric sleeve surgery she underwent to lose weight. Chumlee is an inspiration to millions of people and is now healthier than ever. She shares motivational quotes and inspirational messages on her Instagram account. Read on to learn how she managed to lose weight and stay grounded!

How Did Chumlee Lose Weight?


Chumlee’s weight loss journey

If you’re looking for a real-life example of how lap-band surgery can work miracles, then you’ve probably come across Chumlee’s story. Chumlee’s weight loss journey has inspired many others to seek the same results. Chumlee lost more than 160 pounds in just five months, which is equivalent to what an average adult woman loses in a lifetime. During her weight loss journey, she paired a healthier eating plan with a regular exercise program to help her lose the remaining weight.

Chumlee began her journey to weight loss by cutting down on calories and incorporating exercise into her daily routine. She gave up fast food and opted for healthier options, like smoothies. She also gave up red meat and started eating healthier. Chumlee even made smoothies for her husband, Rick. Her weight loss efforts were fueled by a recent health scare – her father died of pancreatic cancer just a few weeks before Pawn Stars premiered.

After a series of adversity, Rick Harrison has made a comeback with his new weight. Although he’s been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, he’s come a long way since he was a bloated slob. In 2016, Rick Harrison was arrested on sexual assault charges. He was released on bond the next day and was scheduled to appear in court soon.

Despite a tough diet and exercise program, Rick Harrison’s son Corey, who underwent gastric sleeve surgery, has lost nearly 150 pounds in just two years. Chumlee’s weight loss journey is an inspiring tale of overcoming extreme challenges and achieving an amazing bodyweight. There’s nothing better than watching someone who’s lost 150 pounds! If you’re wondering how to lose weight and keep it off, then you should consider watching Chumlee’s story! You might be inspired to do the same! You can learn more about his surgery and follow Chumlee’s story!

The former pawn shop host Chumlee has dropped more than 100 pounds in two years after his gastric sleeve surgery. He was 350 pounds at one point and had trouble keeping his weight stable. Ultimately, he decided to get the surgical procedure to keep his weight under control. He’s now a healthy 190-pound man! If you’re considering getting this procedure, you’ll want to be in the best possible shape of your life.

Gastric sleeve surgery

Austin “Chumlee” Russell was born with a hefty 350-pound frame and had gastric sleeve surgery in February. This new, slimmer body made him feel fuller with smaller meals. Chumlee and his family celebrated his new, healthier body at the Andiamo Italian Steakhouse in downtown Las Vegas. He had lost nearly 40 pounds before surgery, including more than 20 pounds during his pre-op diet.

Before the procedure, Chumlee weighed 342 pounds. After a pre-operation diet that included a sleeve, she had lost another 38 pounds and now wears size 34-inch jeans. Although she’s lost a lot of weight, she hopes to stay under 200 pounds and maintain her new figure for life. She’s also committed to a healthier lifestyle.

After the surgery, Chumlee dropped more than 100 pounds in just one year. She had struggled with her weight for a long time. She was often up or down 100 pounds. Then, in January 2019, she was at PS 350. She had gastric sleeve surgery in February 2019. The procedure involves the removal of a large portion of the stomach and creating a smaller pouch to carry food.

Chumlee is aiming to be under 180 pounds by the end of his gastric sleeve surgery. He’s also committed to living a healthy lifestyle, eating clean foods, and exercising to gain muscle. By sticking to a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, Chumlee is on track to keep the pounds off for good. While he might not be able to do it on his own, he’s surrounded by a strong support network. Chumlee even posted before and after photos of his progress on Facebook.

After gastric sleeve surgery, Chumlee shed over 160 pounds. Her weight was around 350 pounds before the surgery but fluctuated by 100lbs at a time. She was at her heaviest in January of 2019.


Chumlee, 29, began a strict exercise and diet regimen to help her lose weight. She works with nutritional experts and Chef Tanya Hijazi to keep her diet and exercise routine on track. The diet involves a strict no-red meat diet, and she visits the gym at least six days a week. After her lap-band surgery, Chumlee lost 100 pounds and is still working toward her goal of losing fifty more pounds.

Despite being overweight and unfit for the Pawn Stars series, Chumlee’s weight loss journey has been a success! The former Pawn Stars star shed nearly 200 pounds, and now weighs 225 pounds – about half of his pre-surgical weight. She credits her success to the positive changes she has made to her lifestyle. Although her weight fluctuated as much as 100 pounds, she was motivated to take her health seriously and committed to making lasting changes.

The show Corey Harrison created helped him lose more than a hundred pounds, but his exact weight is unknown. During his last weight loss attempt, he was 212 pounds and lost 100 pounds in one year. He also loves rap music and recently went under the knife to replace his lap band with a gastric sleeve. The result was a dramatic change for Chumlee.

Chumlee has had plenty of legal troubles outside of Pawn Stars. In 2016, he was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm. His probation term was three years, but despite his troubles, he continues to work as an important part of the show. In addition to her Pawn Stars job, Chumlee has also landed jobs with Rick Harrison and The History Channel. The most recent scandal involved a sexual assault allegation involving Chumlee.

Despite the setbacks, Chumlee’s new body is the best way to lose weight. He hasn’t lost all of his weight yet, and he’s still working to incorporate better foods into his diet and stay healthy. But he’s certainly on his way to a healthier body. After all, he has lost 75 pounds in a year. Exercise helped Chumlee get in shape.


Chumlee has struggled with his weight since a young age. His highest weight was over 300 pounds, and he has tried countless times to lose weight. He managed to lose 225 pounds last year and 320 pounds in 2013, but his weight has slowly re-emerged since. Ultimately, his weight issues led him to try drastic measures to lose weight. But one of the most successful methods Chumlee has used to lose weight is a diet.

On Facebook, Chumlee has shared a number of photos of her transformation. Fans are impressed with her dramatic transformation. It’s not surprising, given that she was once known for eating fried barbeque ribs and fried chicken. Her weight loss journey may only last for six episodes. Moreover, the reality show star also found time to interview Michael J. Fox, the creator of Pawn Stars. The TV show has been renewed for a 19th season after a Covid hiatus. The episode returned in August 2021 after a hiatus of four seasons.

The diet helped Chumlee lose weight dramatically. Since undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in January, Chumlee has lost nearly 150 pounds and feels healthy at 190 pounds. Chumlee, whose real name is Austin Lee Russell, has shed around 160 pounds since undergoing the surgery. Chumlee’s weight has fluctuated over the years, but today he weighs just 190 pounds.

In January 2019, Chumlee weighed 350 pounds. Her weight was constantly fluctuating between 240 and 350 pounds. In January 2019, she had opted for gastric sleeve surgery, which removed a large portion of her stomach, leaving a tube-shaped pouch. She also decided to make positive lifestyle changes in addition to her gastric sleeve surgery. Chumlee’s new pouch is the size of a banana, and she’s losing pounds all the time!


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