How Did Ree Drummond Lose Weight? Many people wonder how did Ree Drummond lose weight. Well, she lost 55 pounds by following certain diet tips. These include portion control, increased protein intake, and calorie counting. Besides, her blog has been named Weblog of the Year 2011! What’s so great about her plan? Read on to find out! Listed below are some of the tips she uses to lose weight. So, do you want to follow in her footsteps?

How Did Ree Drummond Lose Weight?

calorie counting

Nutritionists stress that calorie counting is an important part of a healthy diet, and Drummond was no exception. Although she initially restricted her diet to lean meat and leafy greens, she eventually allowed herself to eat her favorite foods. And though she initially avoided alcohol and starchy, high-calorie foods, she now regularly eats these items in moderation. In fact, Drummond says she never intended to make such a dramatic lifestyle change.

Drummond started her weight-loss journey with a strict calorie deficit, then eased her workouts for five months to build up her muscles. She also reduced her intake of alcohol and sugar. In addition to this, she started calorie counting on a mobile app called Happy, which she uses to monitor her progress and get into a steady working rhythm. While Drummond was initially skeptical, she eventually gained confidence and dropped the weight.

Ree Drummond has lost almost 60 pounds in five months by cutting down on sugar and increasing her protein intake. Calorie counting and protein intake have played a significant role in her success. During the process, she also stopped drinking alcohol, incorporated a daily exercise routine, and changed her desk position. This has led to amazingly fast results. While the diet has made the Pioneer Woman a famous figure in the cooking world, many people are still skeptical of its efficacy.

After her son Bryce went to college, Ree Drummond hit rock bottom with overeating. She began tracking her weight every day and weighed food to keep her portions in check. The pioneer woman did not follow a strict diet plan or hire a personal trainer, but she did incorporate a standing desk, increased her protein intake, and started lifting weights to build muscle. And she cut out alcohol from her diet.

As a result of calorie-counting, the television personality has lost over forty pounds in just one year. Although she did not follow a trendy diet or expensive exercise plan, she credits these habits as helping her reach her goal of feeling better and having more energy. She also developed a keen sense of portion size and protein percentage, and she Googled the calories of most common foods. As part of her fitness program, Ree also started performing squats, lunges, and deadlifts at an early age.

increased protein intake

Ree Drummond started eating more protein after she hit a plateau when her diet stopped working at six weeks. Drummond learned how to build muscle, which burns calories faster than fat. She concentrated on building the muscles in her legs and butt. She also used a standing desk and increased her daily protein intake. She eventually dropped the extra ten pounds. Now, she has a two-level restaurant and bakery.

In addition to increasing her protein intake, Drummond cut down on sweets and began weighing all foods. She also switched to low-calorie alcoholic drinks and cut back on sweets. She also made sure to do Pilates exercises and rowing machines. She even performed these exercises at home while watching movies. She worked out at least six days a week and sometimes twice. She also emphasized strength training and increased her daily protein intake.

For a long time, Drummond did not follow conventional rules for weight loss. She tried intermittent fasting, which failed to work for her. Keto, which required the body to fast for two to three days, also did not work, and she hated avocados. In addition, she did not buy any special diet food. She was more concerned about eating real food instead of processed junk. She also eliminated processed food and ate more vegetables.

Besides increased protein intake, Drummond also cut down on the amount of sugar she consumed. She also weighed her food and avoided sugar and alcohol. She also used a calorie counter to track the amount of food she ate each day. She also started to work out more, using a standing desk and a rowing machine. She also cut down on her sugar intake and completely cut out alcohol for a few months.

After losing weight, Drummond’s life has taken a completely different turn. She now feels healthier, stronger, and more vibrant. She has no longer felt like she had to give up the kinds of foods she loves to eat. And she no longer has to sacrifice eating the kinds of foods her family loves to eat. She has even developed some new habits that will benefit her for the rest of her life.

portion control

Ree Drummond has lost almost 40 pounds using the “portion control” method. During her diet, she focused on limiting portions and working out, aiming to burn more calories than she ate. After a plateau of six weeks, she gradually added more weight-bearing muscle to her exercise routine. Muscles burn more calories than fat. By adding small workouts to her routine, Drummond was able to consistently lose weight without sacrificing quality time with friends and family.

Since January 2016, Ree Drummond has lost nearly 48 pounds using a portion-control approach. She says that her new diet allows her to eat foods she loves, such as bananas, bread, and pasta. The Pioneer Woman star has also reduced the amount of alcohol she consumes and tries to exercise more. It’s no wonder that she has lost so much weight, considering that she only made some small changes.

While Drummond didn’t eat anything that was high in fat and calories, she did increase her protein intake. Because her diet already included a large amount of protein, she didn’t need to keep track of it. She went from a diet with 15% to 20 percent protein to one with about twice that much. She also cut out sugar and alcoholic drinks during her weight loss journey. Lastly, she makes sure to get as much protein as possible into her diet.

The Pioneer Woman is well-known for her cooking tips and delicious food recipes. While she lost weight through a portion-controlled diet, she did not restrict her diet to one specific food group. Instead, she combined exercise with portion control to reach her weight loss goal. The combination of the two methods is far more sustainable and more likely to be sustained than cutting calories alone. You will be amazed at the difference.

Achieving her weight loss goals through portion control is crucial. While many people are averse to portion control, Ree Drummond has a proven system that has worked for her. In a blog post and Instagram account, she reveals that she dropped 43 pounds within five months. In addition to portion control, she cut back on her intake of sugar and alcohol, implemented an exercise program, and switched to a standing desk.


For the first five months of her weight-loss journey, author Ree Drummond avoided alcoholic and sugary drinks. She also eliminated most frozen drinks, fruit juices, and sweet and caloric cocktails. Among the changes she made was to measure everything she ate and make sure she ate no more than a quarter of her daily calorie limit. Drummond also stopped eating high-calorie desserts and scaled back her intake of sweets. She also modified her diet a bit, limiting the number of sugary drinks and a few cocktails.

Ree Drummond made exercise part of her daily routine. She began walking a minimum of two miles every day and also used a rowing machine and did Pilates. She even performed exercises around the house while watching TV. She trained six days a week, sometimes two or three times a day. Her diet also included more protein than she used to. This allowed her to shed a significant amount of weight in just six months.

Since starting her weight loss journey, Ree Drummond has lost 55 pounds and stayed healthy. In just over three years, the Pioneer Woman has lost more than half of the weight she had been carrying. Since losing weight, she feels happier and healthier than ever. Her weight loss journey has been documented in her blog and on her Instagram account. She also incorporated exercise into her lifestyle with a standing desk. These simple changes helped her shed nearly 60 pounds and look fantastic.

To lose weight, Ree Drummond incorporated a few new habits. She switched her tequila drinking habits for pilates and long walks. She also added more movement to her daily routine by drinking Ranch Water, which contains Casamigos tequila, freshly squeezed lime, and Topo Chico sparkling mineral water. She even switched her desk to a standing one, which made a huge difference.

Ree Drummond used exercise to lose nearly half of her weight in a year. She did not use intermittent fasting or Keto diets, nor did she hire a personal trainer. She credited exercise for helping her lose nearly 40 pounds in four months. The Pioneer Woman shared her weight loss secrets on her website in June, where she claims her dietary plan was based on no gimmicks.


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