Sea cucumber benefits recipe
Sea cucumber benefits recipe

Chinese sea cucumber recipe: Sea cucumber has the functions of improving memory, delaying gonadal aging, preventing arteriosclerosis, and anti-tumor. Sea cucumber chicken soup, a high-nutrient supplement.

Sea cucumber benefits recipe of ingredients

Chicken:1 piece Sea cucumber:3pcs
Onion:1 piece Ginger :3pcs
Salt:2g Chicken powder:3g

Sea cucumber benefits recipe

Sea cucumber benefits recipe step1

Step 1

Wash the chicken in water, remove the internal organs and debris, wash away the blood, use kitchen paper to absorb the water, and set it aside.

Sea cucumber benefits recipe step2

Step 2

Cut the green onion into segments, slice the ginger, prepare some chicken powder and salt.

Sea cucumber benefits recipe step3

Step 3

Cut the chicken into 2-3 cm pieces.

Sea cucumber benefits recipe step4

Step 4

Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, put the cut chicken pieces into the pot, turn on the fire, and boil for 1 minute after the water is boiling.

Sea cucumber benefits recipe step5

Step 5

Rinse the blanched chicken nuggets with running water and place them on a plate for later use.

Sea cucumber benefits recipe step6

Step 6

Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, pour the chicken pieces, put the shallots and ginger slices into the pot, simmer slowly for 120 minutes on medium heat, add the sea cucumbers, and simmer for 30 minutes, and it will be out of the pot.

Sea cucumber benefits recipe step7

Step 7

After turning off the heat, add the appropriate amount of salt and chicken powder according to your personal taste to prepare a bowl of nutritious and delicious sea cucumber chicken soup, and enjoy a good time.

Sea cucumber benefits recipe-tips

  1. The pressure cooker can greatly shorten the time during stewing.
  2. A few grains of wolfberry can be added when stewing, the taste will be unique and delicious.

Dry seacucumber recommend

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