Sea cucumber defense mechanism main photo
Sea cucumber defense mechanism main photo
Sea cucumber defense mechanism
Sea cucumber defense mechanism

Sea cucumber defense mechanism: As early as 60 million years ago, the sea cucumber has lived on the earth, one of the most successful animals on the earth.

Sea Cucumber in order to avoid the enemy, evolve the defense mechanism.

Sea cucumber defense mechanism

Once the sea cucumber encounters danger, the body will quickly squeeze, then the intestines and other internal organs will spray out from the anus, the attacker is easy to think that this is a sea cucumber, so the attacker quickly bites internal organs, intestines are entangled together, the sea cucumber has already taken the opportunity to run away.

More terrible is that some sea cucumber contains toxic chemicals, the attacker may be poisoned.

After losing the visceral sea cucumber, after a few weeks of growth, the internal organs will be reopened.

It is suitable for water and water quality, even if the sea cucumber is cut half or by the natural enemy, the sea cucumber can reach all the body after a few months, but the premise is that the remaining half must have a head or anal.

Remark: sea cucumber’s natural enemy is a crab.

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