Sea cucumber nutrition main photo
Sea cucumber nutrition main photo

Sea cucumber nutrition: Sea cucumber has the effect of improving memory, delaying aging, preventing arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and anti-tumors.

Sea cucumber nutrition

Sea cucumber contains more than 50 nutrients, the protein content is more than 55%, and the amino acids required for 18 or more human bodies are contained in other various trace elements, vitamins.

1, longevity

Sea cucumber contains arginine, chondroitin, acidic adhesive polysaccharides, sea gates, taurine, and a variety of trace elements, and improves many unaptified effects of improving the body.

A variety of discomfort in improving the body. Can improve the body’s immunity, anti-fatigue.

2, promote calcium absorption

The keratin contained in the sea cucumber has a hematopoietic function of red bone marrow, which can effectively improve the symptoms of anemia; it also contains natural active calcium, and its calcium supplement is that other foods cannot be compared.

3, promote wound healing after surgery

Sea cucumber contains a large number of arginine, which promotes the regeneration of body cells and the repair of damage to the body, which has a very good effect on the repair of the body damage, and can significantly reduce the rehabilitation time.

It is the best supplement for surgery patients.

4, enhance human immunity

Selenium elements in sea cucumber increase body cells immunity, long-term edible sea gucheno will find that it is not easy to catch a cold, not easy to get sick.

5, better skin

The collagen contained in the sea cucumber can be comparable to the traditional Chinese medicine.

Not only can hematipate, delay the body aging, but also make the skin tender, reduce wrinkles, reduce, eliminate facial flares The skin looks delicate and gloss, and the eating sea cucumber is not fat, and men and women apply.

6,effective anti-cancer

Inhibition of tumor cell growth and metastasis, effective anti-cancer, anti-cancer, clinically widely used in liver cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, bone cancer, lymphoid cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, breast cancer, cerebral cancer leukemia.

Who need sea cucumber?

Who need sea cucumber
Who need sea cucumber

1, sub-health

In the rich nutrient ingredients in Sea cucumber, the Nick and Taurine have an obvious anti-fatigue effect, which will make your body get a full range of adjustments and go out of sub-health.

2, middle-aged

In middle age, the diet should be based on high-quality protein, low heat, low fat, anti-cancer food.

Sea cucumber contains arginine, chondroitin, acidic adhesive polysaccharides, taurine, which improves many unaptified effects of improving the body.

Can improve the body’s immunity, anti-fatigue, anti-tumor.

In particular, chondroitin, acidic adhesive polysaccharides are closely related to aging, which helps skin to lock moisture, so eat the sea to “station”, anti-aging effect.

3, child

Haizenge has rich, balanced nutrition, which is a substance necessary for child growth and development.

Such as lysine, methionine, tauric acid, etc., can promote appetite, promote growth and development, elemental calcium, iron, zinc, and multiple vitamins, etc., which is helpful to increase memory, to promote growth, let your child are happy and healthy.

4, high strong mental person

The sea cucumber can provide a rich and balanced nutrient to the brain so that the brain IQ is increased, tauric acid is the inhibitory neurotransmitter and neurotransmissions of the central nervous, eliminating brain fatigue, and increasing memory capabilities.

5, pregnant woman, maternity

Sea cucumber contains a variety of sputum, such as cystine, proline, leucine, the trace element vanadium contained, and iron can effectively improve and prevent a variety of anemia, the collagen contained in the collagen can promote wound healing.

The taurine, nick acid, nutrients are not only rich but also balanced, reasonable.

It has no odor and is very easy to absorb pregnant women.

There is a significant effect on the production, fast recovery physical strength。

6, postoperative and chemotherapy patient

The content of arginine in sea cucumber is high.

Arginine is an important raw material for synthetic human collagen and has special effects on the repair of body damage.

Some people have done a comparative trial: two patients with similar, age and body weight, and a patient with a sea cucumber every day, it will be more rehabilitation than another patient.

Dry sea cucumber recommed

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