Sea cucumber soup recipe
Sea cucumber soup recipe

Sea cucumber soup recipe: Use mellow color cordyceps flowers as ingredients and zero-fat dark sea cucumbers. a spoonful of clear soup entrance, It is this kind of warmth dedicated to this winter.

Sea cucumber soup recipe of ingredients

Cordyceps flower:100gMushroom:100g
Sea cucumber:2pcsGinger:2pcs

Sea cucumber soup

Sea cucumber soup recipe step1

Step 1

To prepare the ingredients, the sea cucumber was soaked a few days ago; the cordyceps flower is the key, it is delicious and not expensive, and it shrinks greatly after being cooked; white seafood mushrooms can be bought in supermarkets.

Sea cucumber soup recipe step2

Step 2

Prepare your favorite ceramic stew cup, one serving per person, the diameter of the cup does not exceed 12 cm.

Sea cucumber soup recipe step3

Step 3

Put the sea cucumber, cordyceps flower, seafood mushroom, and a slice of ginger into the pot, cover with water, and simmer for 1 hour. According to your taste, just add the right amount of salt. The taste will be very delicious.

Dried sea cucumber recommed

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