Sea cucumber taste
Sea cucumber taste

Sea cucumber taste: Sea cucumber is actually not a taste, and the sea cuvette is chewed. Therefore, whether the sea cucumber is delicious depends on the level of the chef.

The sea cucumber has a touch of breath after the rise.

Sea cucumber taste

Sea cucumber taste1
Sea cucumber taste1

For eating sea cucumber, everyone has different taste requirements, and the taste of sea cucumber is roughly three categories:

  1. The high-tech type, the good is a taste. It has the feeling of flexible and refreshing, and the sea cucumber is easy to bite.

2. Soft glutinous, the fire is booming when the bubble is born, and the flesh is soft, there is no feeling of debris.

3. Brittle taste: the sea cucumber of this taste is mainly chewed in the comparison of “squeaking”.

What is the reason for the different tastes of sea cucumber?

Sea cucumber taste2
Sea cucumber taste2

Mainly in the process of cooking the sea cucumber during the bubble, the time of the cooking time is easy to boil, and this sea cucumber will have a soft taste, soft feeling.

This kind of soft sea cucumber is more easily absorbed, and it is more suitable for the old man who is not good for the stomach.

The time is just a sea cucumber, and it will have a feeling of “bombing”.

This taste and absorption are the best.

The sea cucumber of the cooking time is not easy, the taste is relatively hard, and it is a crisp and hard feeling.

Mainly considering two factors:1 meat condition, 2 individual sizes.

The meat is thick, the time of the long-term sea cooking is longer, and the time to cook is short.

The level of hair is mainly relying on experience, with both hands (thumb-index finger), the sea cucumber is born, just can be ignored, and there is good elasticity, and use a small fire after opening the pan.

The reusable sea bubble is larger.

The crispy sea cucumber, eat more hard to chew, many people like this taste, many merchants also promote this taste, the actual sea cucumber is not completely cooked, the cooked sea cucumber will become small Those, the merchant launches a lot of crisp-cool ready-to-eat sea cucumbers to reduce costs.

This kind of taste is difficult to digest because it is too hard to eat.

Therefore, nutrients will not be fully absorbed.

The fresh sea cucumber is eating, this taste is also crisper.

This sea cucumber is nutritious.

There may be a lot of people who think that it is a good nutritional value like a sea cucumber and a crab.

This idea is incorrect. The crab is delicious, paying attention to the taste, and sea cucumber is a health care product, more attention to its nutrition.

The body wall of the fresh sea cucumber is made up, and its nutrient composition is surrounded by gum, and the fresh sea ginseng that has not been treated is not easily absorbed by the human body.

The nutrient absorption rate can only reach around 10%.

Sea cucumber is a soft animal living in deep water.

There is no bone that supports the body in the body.

The pressure of the deepwater seabed of sea cucumber is several times a few times that is normal, and as the water depth increases, the sea cucumber is thickening.

The cell wall is adapted to the deepwater environment so that fresh sea ginseng that has not been heated is difficult to be completely digested by the human body.

According to scientific analysis, nearly 90% of the nutrients directly in the fresh sea are excreted, waste.

Dry sea cucumber recommed

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