Sea cucumber where to buy main photo
Sea cucumber where to buy main photo
Sea cucumber where to buy2
Sea cucumber where to buy2

Sea cucumber where to buy? Eating sea cucumber is a very common thing, but in everyday procurement, you will find that the local price will be high, so we deliberately opened a dry sea cucumber online store. And you can return the service for 30 days, you can buy it with confidence.

Sea cucumber where to buy?

Sea cucumber where to buy1
Sea cucumber where to buy

The sea cucumber leaves the seawater for too long, and the sea cucumber is easily dissolved, so it is urgent to deal with it 6 hours after getting fresh sea cucumber.

Fresh sea cucumber has to make to dry sea cucumber urgently.

So, usually, our purchase is a dry sea cucumber.

  • Clearwater quality, water temperature is maintained around 12 degrees. especially suitable for sea cucumber growth.
  • We generally capture the sea cucumber for more than 9 years, so the sea cucumber is also very good, the meat is delicious.
  • Professional sea cucumber fishing, the first increase in the yield of sea cucumber, and the second can also better protect the ocean ecology.
  • Fresh sea cucumber arrives in the factory with 1 hour. Make sure to remove dirty, cleaning, boiling, sterilizing, and baking within 6 hours.
  • We sell online to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, etc.

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