Where do sea cucumber live main photo
Where do sea cucumber live main photo
Where do sea cucumber live
Where do sea cucumbers live

Where do sea cucumber live? Sea cucumber likes to live in the seaweed, the water is slow, there is no freshwater, the reef or mud bottom of the Tongmine is large. Outside the sea cucumber, some hidden in the sediment, adapt to the water temperature of 0-30 degrees, salt in 26% ~ 32%, the reproductive period in July, strong reproductive ability.

Where do sea cucumber live

Sea cucumbers live mainly in the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific.

Sea cucumber is often particularly perched on the tropical, subtropical ocean, in the coral reef of the Western Pacific area in India. Some bare, some hidden, some drill in the sand, some varieties are only seen in the coral reef.

The sea cucumber is also distributed in many seas in China.

There are more than 30 in South China, and the Xisha Islands are mostly, and the temperate sea areas are mainly in the Shandong Peninsula and the Liaodong Peninsula.

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